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Our Philosophy

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The fundamental principle of our business and of all our team is, and has always been, to treat our clients as we ourselves would wish to be treated. The words that best describe our approach include:

 honesty   service   value   impartiality   fairness   transparency

We spend most of our working days with our existing clients. The main functionality of this website has been developed solely with our existing clients in mind. Whilst our site may just appear ‘the same old thing’, that’ll only be because you’re not logged in. Once a registered user, the full scale of additional support, advice and personalised service we provide to you individually will begin to unfold. Moreover, it’s constantly evolving; improving; developing. Your own version of our client portal becomes highly bespoke to your own interests and needs. You don’t have to trawl through the usual ‘guff’.

Clear and concise. Simple.

So……….. it’s not just like all the others you’ll have encountered up to now.

We free up our time by utilising custom designed technology, paperless office systems, voice activated control and dictation systems, internet telephony and some of the latest, ‘state of the art’ investment research and analysis tools. This ensures that our clients can receive:


  • face to face, personalised advice and service
  • the most up to date advice available
  • the most thorough recommendations
  • an extremely high degree of ongoing service
  • excellent value for money

We aim to delight both new and existing clients with a combination of quality advice, transparency, value and service. We will always:


  • Provide our clients with unbiased, independent advice on all matters
  • Provide totally impartial advice
  • Help our clients meet their financial goals
  • Maintain an ongoing relationship with our clients
  • Provide exceptional value for money
  • Continue to offer service and support to each client in the future

Why are we different?


We are a radically different firm of independent advisers. Here’s why:


  • We are not reliant upon arranging new transactions to generate most of our income. This means we concentrate all our efforts on providing first class service to existing customers.
  • Last calender year, over 80% of our company’s total remuneration arose from managing existing investments for longstanding existing clients. Our focus lies almost exclusively with these people; those who are already our valued clients.
  • We practice what we preach.
  • We do not abandon our clients after completion of a transaction.
  • We are a genuinely active team of advisers, acting always on your behalf and whenever possible, ahead of the market.


For a very simple example of how proactive advice can help avoid some of the bigger risks, have a look here at an actual letter we sent to all our investments clients before the Eurozone crisis started.

Virtually everything we stated and predicted then played out over the following 4 years, culminating in the summer 2015 Greek crisis. Many of our clients feel they did well to have missed some of the biggest risks over that period……. and this is only one example.


You can check our regulatory permissions and credentials here and you may also wish to have a look at the following page.



Stockmarket Data

Dow: 34935.47-149.06
NASDAQ: 14672.68-105.58
SP500: 4395.26-23.89
FTSE100: 7032.30-46.12
HKHSI: 25961.03-354.29
ShangHai: 3397.36-14.36
Nikkei: 27283.59-498.83
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